Usability & User Experience (UX)

Ensuring a natural flow everyone can use and enjoy.

Child using a tablet device

For each of our design projects, we create a plan to develop a website or application that is simple, usable and beautifully designed. A user should not only be able to easily navigate your website or application, but also have an enjoyable experience doing so. But we never let bells and whistles obscure our thinking. As an experienced digital agency, user experience is always our top priority.

Information Architecture

Content where customers expect to find it.

The information architecture of your site underpins your users’ experience. It is the structuring of your content, pages and web apps to best serve the needs of your users. And as the foundation of your website or application, its importance cannot be understated. By spending time on your information architecture, you ensure a logical user-focused structure that helps potential customers complete their tasks online, meaning increased valuable conversions.

Web Design IA

Interface Design

Balancing style and substance.

Interface design example

We don’t do design for its own sake - function and design have to work together. By focussing on a users' needs, understanding their requirements and ensuring designs are fit for purpose and easy to use by everyone, we ensure our client’s business requirements are met. Understanding content requirements, your service goals and developing structural wireframes around this information is key.

Who We've Done It For

A selection of clients.

Coding Technologies

Expertise covering the breadth of the web.

HTML5, CSS, PHP and MySQL Logos

Developing is all about making things work. It is the techie bit of the process and is what makes beautiful design into something that works in your browser. When it comes to development, we’re platform neutral. The majority of our work is created using open source tools and our team works closely with clients to choose the appropriate platform for the project in hand. For the more technically minded people, we use PHP MySQL, Javascript and HTML/CSS to build the majority our sites and applications.

Content Management

Creative freedom, powerful integration, ultimate flexibility.

Pelorous Logo

While traditional CMSs are good at managing content, many are cumbersome, most are uncompromising, and few actually meet the specific requirements of business problems. So we decided to build Pelorous!

Equal parts content management system and custom web application builder, Pelorous provides a highly flexible and powerful platform that moulds itself to any business need or requirement - allowing you to focus on usability, design, business logic and content, not on the tools that build them.

Other CMS Technologies

Below are just some of the other content management systems we work with.

  • Wordpress Logo

    The world's most popular publishing platform, WordPress is great for websites and blogs with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.

  • Drupal Logo

    Open-source CMS that allows an individual or a community of users to easily publish, manage and organise a wide variety of content on a website.

  • Magento Logo

    Feature-rich, professional open-source eCommerce solution trusted by some of the world's leading brands.

  • ModX Logo

    Open-source CMS and web application framework that is easy to use and allows non-technical staff to create content quickly and easily. 

Who We've Done It For

A selection of clients.

Websites That Sell

Implement the ultimate e-commerce solution.

Woman using a credit card on e-commerce website

E-commerce represents a huge opportunity for you to sell to a global audience – and we are here to help you to reach your potential. Whatever the nature of your business, from fashion retail to organic veg boxes, we will work with your business to develop a bespoke e-commerce solution to encourage optimum conversion levels and drive sales.

Our Platform Expertise

Everything you need to start selling.

Screenshot of Barbarians FC Shopify website

Our experience with the creation of e-commerce integrated websites is extremely varied, with solutions implemented consisting of a wide variety of features including full content and product management, discounts and promotions, user reviews, fulfilment management, secure payment processing and integration with other systems. Customer satisfaction and online security are at the forefront of any e-commerce project we take on.

Mobile Web Design

Your website on the go.

Person using iPhone

Whilst most smartphones offer a “full” web browsing experience, it is neither an ideal nor efficient way for a user to interact with your website. With more than 20% of internet users exclusively accessing the web through mobile devices, your digital presence must be just as effective on a phone or tablet as it is on a desktop - otherwise risk being left behind. So whether you’re interested in a responsive designed website or developing a specific mobilised web design, we are here to help.

App Design & Development

Create delightful apps that compliment your core business.

Developers at work

We work with many of our clients to conceive and deliver bespoke mobile applications that complement their other service offerings. Combining creativity and usability, our developers work with you to understand your exact requirements and deliver a bespoke mobile solution with the capability to meet your needs. If you haven't developed a mobile app before, no problem; our team will offer the best advice and guidance with choosing the most appropriate way to satisfy and engage your on-the-go customers.

Who We've Done It For

A selection of clients.

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