• Andy Margolis

    Andy Margolis


    Andy founded Totally Communications in 2000. As a strong advocate of the Agile Methodology, Andy introduced this to Totally at a very early stage, ensuring the company always delivered fit-for-purpose, cost-effective website and technology solutions that matched client requirements.

  • Toby Mason

    Toby Mason


    Toby joined Totally as Junior Developer in 2001. In 2007, he was promoted to Head of Client Services before becoming a company Director in 2009. Despite being a genuine redhead, Toby has managed to assimilate with the rest of the Totally team with relative ease.

  • Ben Gritz

    Ben Gritz


    Ben joined Totally in 2000 and became Managing Director in 2012. Outside of work Ben has a keen interest in athletics, competing in British Masters Athletic Federation fixtures where he regularly crushes competitors more than twice his age.

  • Simon Vandyk

    Simon Vandyk

    Senior Developer

    Once upon a time, a young trekkie and accomplished guitar player (self-proclaimed) began to develop an interest in web technology. Having been with Totally for 8 years, Simon now leads many of our larger and more complex software and web application projects.

  • Richard Aspden

    Richard Aspden

    Senior Developer

    After studying History and Politics at university, Richard passed on a promising career as a librarian when he discovered his passion for technology and web development and has now worked for Totally for 7 years. He is a connoisseur of fine ales and coffee and plays women's tag rugby in his spare time.

  • Alistair Cass

    Alistair Cass

    Senior Developer

    Ali joined Totally fresh out of University after graduating in Computer Science. He is interested in the mobile world, specifically Android but has been converted and has found his passion for web technologies. Outside of work Ali enjoys interior design, specifically adding his own personal touches to soft furnishings like cushions and rugs.

  • Jorge Borrero

    Jorge Borrero

    Senior Developer

    Originally from Spain, Jorge studied Superior Telecommunications Engineering in Seville and worked for Spanish IT consultancy Sadiel, before moving to London and joining Totally’s support team in 2013. He likes all drinks apart from berry cider.

  • Joao Rocha

    Joao Rocha


    Originally from Portugal, João came to London to study Computer Science with Games Programming and has since dedicated himself to learning Web Development. Now working at Totally Communications as part of the support team he hopes to one day be a badass programmer.

  • Sarah Young

    Sarah Young

    Project Manager

    Exiled from Geordieland for wearing a jacket, Sarah went on to study Computer Science at UCL, following which she worked in a variety of technical roles which led her to a career in technical project management. Sarah can usually be found close to a source of tea.

  • Sara Gordon

    Sara Gordon

    Finance Manager

    As a mother of three daughters, Sara juggles her time between supporting this burgeoning tech company with her financial acumen, her family, and running the Parents Association of her daughters' school. Occasionally she can be found trekking round Hampstead Heath enjoying the great outdoors.

  • Rick Talbot

    Rick Talbot

    Search Marketing Specialist

    Originally from up't North, Rick moved to Totally in April 2014 after working at another digital agency. Rick enjoys a good craft beer, coffee, little bike rides and reading about the future too much. He also rather optimistically believes he will live forever.

  • Heather Mckay

    Heather Mckay

    Content Marketing Manager

    Heather joins Totally with five years of online marketing experience. She originally cut her teeth as a copywriter before moving up the ranks of the social media and content marketing world. She writes about food in her spare time and relishes every opportunity to talk about herself in the third person.

  • Sara Bellon

    Sara Bellon

    Office Manager

    Sara joined Totally as the office manager where she became part of the team in no time. Sara spends her weekends in art galleries either observing her surroundings or getting hands on and creating herself. She enjoys the outdoors and spending time with her friends, but nothing can beat her love for pizza.

  • Jim Rayfield

    Jim Rayfield


    Creative fiend, tattoo collector, mockney and part time Harry Hill impersonator (still available for bookings). Jim is a seasoned digital designer with over 10 years industry experience, 7 of which were spent running his own agency. He drives the creative team at Totally, making beautiful websites work harder for our clients. He can be found trawling the streets of East London for new street art, relaxing with a cold craft beer or listening to a good heavy metal album.

  • Andrea Gioco

    Andrea Gioco

    Senior Developer

    Andrea studied Information Engineer in Milan, then worked in Italy, Switzerland and joined Totally just after he moved in London a few months ago. Originally from Italy, he loves travelling, cooking and even more eating his favourite Italian dishes.

  • James Draper

    James Draper


    Originally from Dartford, James studied Computing at Plymouth University before coming to London to pursue a career in Programming.
    He can often be seen in the office juggling, or solving rubiks cubes. He drinks a lot of water and may secretly be a fish, or perhaps powered by steam

  • Carmen Virginia Grisolia

    Carmen Virginia Grisolia


    Carmen is a graphic designer and Illustrator with a flare for beautiful designed websites (and pretty much anything that is beautifully crafted). In the past decade she´s lived and worked in America and Europe, and discovered that the world is handkerchief. Futura & Bodoni lover, sci-fi & fantasy movies fan, Carmen is a Venezuelan living in Spain who´s recently joined Totally as a part of its newly born Barcelona team. She´s spent the last 30 years dreaming with a pair of self-lacing Nikes and flying DeLoreans. She´s happy that at least one of them is real.


  • Chloe Smith

    Chloe Smith

    Test Analyst

    Originally from NZ, Chloe studied information systems at uni before jumping into the software testing realm. Passionate about quality, she has a user-focused approach to testing. Apart from breaking software, she enjoys board games, hiking and a good flat white. 

  • Richard Forster

    Richard Forster

    Technical Project Manager

    Totally's resident member of the Magic Circle who uses his prestidigitation skills to make problems disappear, confound and baffle developers, and amaze and dazzle clients.  Plus some technical stuff on the side.

  • Bree Van Zyl

    Bree Van Zyl

    Digital Marketing Executive

    Bree graduated with a degree in Contemporary Media Practice from Westminster University. Armed with a creative background in film and photography and a love for immediate content she set out to learn all the secrets that digital marketing has to offer. Her hair changes colour depending on her mood and she uses dank memes as a form of social currency.
  • Justin Michael Ward

    Justin Michael Ward

    Application Programmer

    Justin had a terrible allergy to sunlight and fled the sunny lands of South Africa for better weather in London.  He's always delighted by the worst of weather. His cover job is coding cool new features and fixing cool old features but it's just a ruse while he creates his Always-On Rainmaking Device in preparation for taking over the world.When he's not working to take over the world one way or the other, he enjoys computer games, cycling, travel and role-playing.

  • Jordi Donadeu Buitrago

    Jordi Donadeu Buitrago


    After working in the United States and Spain for over 15 years, Jordi joined Totally's Barcelona office as part of the development team. Besides developing software, he loves football and chess. Even though he is right handed, he claims to be one of the few players in Europe who can play chess with either hands and one eye shut.

  • David Mills

    David Mills

    Technical Project Manager

    David cut his teeth in London's FinTech sector as a developer, business analyst and eventually settled on technical project management. After escaping the London City grind he enjoyed a brief respite down under before joining Totally in 2018. When not practising ancient Japanese fighting styles, or doting on his newly adopted cat he is dedicated to making our client's dreams come true!

  • Peter Csatai

    Peter Csatai


    Peter joined Totally in 2018. After graduating in Business Economics at university, he became passionate in web  development and computer science. He moved to London from Budapest in 2007. Apart from coding he is an enthusuastic motorbike rider and photographer. 

  • Gabriel Carignano

    Gabriel Carignano


    Gabriel is an Argentinean with Italian citizenship living in Barcelona and developing for the London's best software company. Cities/countries are like your tech stack, you need to choose the best ones to get the best results!

  • Alan Conejero Talens

    Alan Conejero Talens


    Born in Valencia (Spain) at the tender age of 0 years old, Alan always loved the rainy weather and therefore felt in love with the islands on his Erasmus in Ireland. After working for some years in Madrid as developer he decided to try the luck of the Irish and move to London. He enjoys reading, videogames, tinkering and a cold beer with friends.

  • Nathan Gough

    Nathan Gough

    Test Analyst

    Nathan has over a decade of experience working as a QA in Government and Commercial sectors.

    During his spare time he dedicates his time to promoting heavy metal music and is also a shareholder in an American record label/music distributor. 
    Nathan is also on the voting panel for the Heavy Metal Music Awards
  • Alex Levchenka

    Alex Levchenka


    Originally from Lithuania, Alex came to London to study Computer Science at Goldsmiths, University of London. He is passionate about new technologies and the world of computing.  On his spare time Alex enjoys working out at the gym, travelling, exploring new places and even more eating spicy food.

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