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A compelling online presence is one of the most crucial and hardworking tools your business will have. Creating the right impression from the get-go is vital.
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Web Design London

It's what we do.


We are passionate about web design. With expertise covering the breadth of the web, we help brands, charities and not-for-profits throughout London and the UK build engaging websites, powerful applications and compelling online experiences that stand out from the crowd.

How do we do it? By keeping things simple, so your online experience flows, looks sharp and creates a lasting impression.

We Shape, We Build

Crafted thinking that brings ideas to life.


When we take on a web design project, we like to do things thoroughly. We start with understanding your organisation's goals, audience needs and key messages. From here, our web design London team create a plan to develop concepts for your website that are simple, usable and beautifully designed. We also take into consideration your need for the future, ensuring our ideas are sustainable and able to evolve with your needs over time. Together we turn the brief into a story that is unique, engaging and results focused.

Beautiful Form, Perfect Function

We’re committed to web design that works.


We love clean, simple and user-friendly design that strikes the perfect balance between style and substance. Our web design London team might hit the mark first time around or we may require some collaboration to get things just right. But we’ll keep going until we get it just right, all along never forgetting we’re not designing for ourselves, or even for you as a client. We’re designing for the target audience.

Who We've Done It For

A selection of clients we’ve worked with.

Usability & User Experience (UX)

Ensuring a natural flow that everyone can use and enjoy.

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For each of our web design projects, we create a plan to develop a website that is simple, usable and beautifully crafted. A user should not only be able to easily navigate your website, but also have an enjoyable experience doing so. But our London web design team never let bells and whistles obscure our thinking. As an experienced London digital agency, user experience is always our top priority.

Information Architecture

Content where customers expect to find it.

The information architecture of your site underpins your users’ experience. It is the structuring of your content, pages and web apps to best serve the needs of your users. And as the foundation of your website or application, its importance cannot be understated. By spending time on your information architecture, you ensure a logical user-focused structure that helps potential customers complete their tasks online, meaning increased valuable conversions.

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Interface Design

Balancing style and substance.

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We don’t do design for its own sake - function and design have to work together. By focussing on a user's needs, understanding their requirements and ensuring our web designs are easy to use by everyone, our web design London team ensure our clients' business requirements are met. Understanding content requirements, your service goals and developing structural wireframes around this information is key.

Who We've Done It For

A selection of clients we’ve worked with.

Front & Back-end

Expertise covering the breadth of the web.

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Developing is all about making things work. It is the techie bit of web design and is what makes beautiful design into something that works in your browser. When it comes to development, our web design London team use HTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL to build the majority of our websites and applications, always adhering to internationally-recognised W3C standards wherever possible.

Content Management

Creative freedom, powerful integration, ultimate flexibility.

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While traditional CMSs are good at managing content, many are cumbersome, most are uncompromising, and few actually meet the specific requirements of business problems. So we decided to build Pelorous!

Equal parts content management system and custom web application builder, Pelorous provides a highly flexible and powerful platform that moulds itself to any business need or requirement - allowing you to focus on usability, design, business logic and content, not on the tools that build them.

Other CMS Technologies We Work With

Below are just some of the other content management systems we work with.

  • Wordpress Logo

    The world's most popular publishing platform, WordPress is great for websites and blogs with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability

  • Drupal Logo

    Open-source CMS that allows an individual or a community of users to easily publish, manage and organise a wide variety of content on a website.

  • Magento Logo

    Feature-rich, professional open-source eCommerce solution trusted by some of the world's leading brands.

  • ModX Logo

    Open-source CMS and web application framework that is easy to use and allows non-technical staff to create content quickly and easily.

Who We've Done It For

A selection of clients we’ve worked with.

Mobile Website Design

Your website on the go.

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Whilst most smartphones offer a “full” web browsing experience, it is neither an ideal nor efficient way for a user to interface with your website. With more than 20% of internet users exclusively accessing the web through mobile devices, your digital presence has to be just as effective on a phone or a tablet as it is on a deskop or laptop - otherwise risk being left behind. So whether your interested in a responsive designed website or developing a mobilised web design, our web design London team are here to help.

App Design & Development

Create bespoke apps that compliment your core business.

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We work with many of our London clients to conceive and deliver mobile applications that complement their other service offerings. Combining creativity and usability, our developers work with you to understand your exact requirements and deliver a mobile app solution with the capability to meet your needs. If you haven't developed a mobile app before, no problem; our web design London team will offer the best advice and guidance with choosing the most appropriate way to satisfy and engage your on-the-go customers.

Who We've Done It For

A selection of clients we’ve worked with.

More About Totally Communications

With over a decade of experience, we create web design, software and search marketing solutions to help organisations achieve their goals and grow their brands.


Who We Are

Based in Kentish Town London, we’re a close-knit team of inspired professionals who love what we do. With over a decade of experience in design, development and search marketing, we’ve grown up with the web, and the web has grow up with us.

Now with expertise covering the breadth of the web, our web design London team help a diverse range of respected brands, charities and not-for-profits build websites, powerful applications and compelling online experiences that stand out from the crowd.

We're exceedingly committed to the excellence of our work and to the quality of the relationships we build. Most of the web design clients we started with are still with us. And that’s because we’re serious about our long-term commitment to them, and we share their goals.


Talent. Experience. Results.

Client success is our success; and we have a rich track record of creating success for our clients.

We achieve this by listening closely to you. By understanding your story, sharing inspirations and collaboratively planning, our web design London team soon have a clear idea of where you should go and how we are going to help you get there.

So whether you're launching a new website or refreshing an existing one, our passion for big ideas, little details, and a better approach to creating online experiences can bring you an effective, perfectly-designed solution that positions you above the competition.


Agile Project Management

We understand no two projects are the same. For this reason, our web design London team create a unique process for each client to ensure business objectives are met, success is achieved and users are happy.

We do this by following an ‘Agile’ development methodology, working in short instinctive sprints, validating our decisions along the way. This allows you to de-risk your project, reduce the cost and, critically, rapidly achieve a solution that meets your businesses requirements.

Each pixel refined, every line of code considered, it requires a keen intuition to follow this project management methodology, and is something our web design London team proudly embrace.

Totally transformed our website and our business. The team are innovative, dedicated and a pleasure to work with. Hard to beat!

Nithya Nahappan
Director, hooheals

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