Revolutionary shared decision making aids allowing patients to have more say in their healthcare.
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NHS Shared Decision Making

As part of the NHS Right Care Shared Decision Making Programme, Totally Communications, in conjunction with Totally Health, were tasked by the NHS Midlands and East to develop and design online shared decision making aids, helping patients think about healthcare decisions in the context of their lives, while also providing written medical information that is accurate and balanced.  

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Key Facts

  • Bespoke system including 36 online patient decision aids and comparison tables. 

  • System can be linked to GP and secondary care databases, acting as a way to monitor long term conditions. 

  • The system also services the remote health coaching network where fully qualified nurses can speak to patients. Health Coaches available Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm. 

  • Hosted on secure N3 servers.


To navigate the plethora of options and outcomes for each of the conditions covered, Totally assembled distinguished medical advisory groups in each disease area that included national clinical leaders and representatives from the third sector and patient groups. The advisory groups ensure information being communicated was accurate and the patient decision aid options and workflows were a correct representation. 

NHS Project Insights

We are enormously proud to be launching these new and vital tools for patients, enabling them to share the decision making process with their clinicians. These Patient Decision Aids help translate the NHS commitment of "no decision about me, without me" into reality.

Dr Steve Laitner
Clinical Lead, National Shared Decision Making Programme

Creative Thinking & Outcomes

Launched in September 2012, the bespoke system included an interactive website, 36 online patient decision aids and comparison tables, together with mobile and printed versions. The resources span a range of conditions, from rheumatoid arthritis and bladder cancer, to multiple sclerosis and depression.

Health and healthcare is about people and choices. Patient decision aids encourage people to bring their values, aspirations and preferences to the choices they face. It has been a pleasure to lead this development which is profoundly altering how we manage patient interactions.

Dr Donal J O'Donoghue
National Clinical Director for Kidney Services

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