A powerful survey and reporting platform providing real-time analysis of an organisation's reputation.
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Reputation management specialists Lepidus have an established record for assisting organisations measure and understand the perception their customers have of them so they can make more informed business decisions. We worked with Lepidus to further develop Impressions, their survey and reporting tool, with a particular focus on usability and performance from a customer perspective.

Web & Design

Interface Design
Data Visualisation
Workflow Analysis
Snapshot summaries

Software & Technology

Bespoke Application
Branch Logic
Custom Analytics
Real-time, information work-flow

Support & Hosting

24/7 Support
Managed Servers
Backup Disaster Recovery

Key Facts

  • Bespoke system with ability to be customised by the client as required based on their needs, wants and branding.

  • Implementation of branch logic, directing respondents through different paths in a survey based on a response to a previous question.

  • Real-time, information work-flow, with data available to use for day-to-day issue management,  longer-term strategic business improvements and more.

  • Tight deadline to adhere to, with project designed and developed within two months.


Impressions is implemented by Lepidus across private and public sector clients on a varying scale, measuring and managing all types of business relationships between purchasers, staff, suppliers, service users and prospects. As a result, the application needed to be extremely robust with the ability to be customised as required based on each of Lepidus’ client needs, wants and branding.

Impressions consultation

We certainly see Totally playing a long-term role in the ongoing development of Impressions. They really have transformed the way that we work and enabled us to be more responsive to client requests. Our ability to provide more flexibility in our surveys is very powerful.”

Suzanne Barry
Director, Lepidus

Creative Thinking & Outcomes

With a tight deadline to adhere to, the redeveloped application now analyses, packages and presents customer feedback into a real-time easy to use, dynamic, self-managed reporting process and system. 

We were looking for a sophisticated technology partner that could work with complex data management requirements, deliver excellent design, and have a solid understanding of our clients’ markets. Such partners are a rare breed, so we were delighted to find Totally Communications.

Suzanne Barry
Director, Lepidus

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