Totally Communications Summer Party / Sports Day

  • Friday 14th of July marked Totally Communications’ Summer party - aka sports day! At 2 pm sharp, we were herded, like the Agency cats we are, into taxis to be taken to London Fields.

    Once we had arrived, were watered and fed the fun commenced! We had four teams: Red, Orange, Blue and Yellow. 

    Round 1

    Heard the one about the Jump Rope run? Eh, let’s skip it. This lightning fast round went so fast we didn’t even get photographic evidence. However, we do have a fetching boomerang of Nora in her vintage ski suit, warming up.

    Winning Team: Yellow

    Round 2

    The sack race. Remember when you were a kid and the sack was almost bigger than you? That was no more a problem, now we all had to figure out how to get of our sacks safely! Only a couple of knees were harmed in the duration of this race.

    Winning team: Orange Team


    Round 3

    Welly Wanging. Ever wanged a welly? Well as a few of us realised, it’s welly hard to do so! Some very unique techniques were brought to the table and much hilarity ensued (only one pair of wellies were harmed in the duration of this game)

    Winning team: Yellow Team

    Round 4

    The egg and spoon race is a timeless classic. The ol’ stick the egg down with chewing gum- not so classic but did disqualify the orange team from the round. The only casualty in this round was Toby’s ego when he heard his team earned -1 point for the gum incident. Needless to say, watching him wave his spoon in the air whilst running was a comedy gold.

    Winning Team: Yellow


    Round 5

    Three legged race. By this time the heat was on and everyone was feeling the pressure, of their partner dragging them along the field. Multiple leg shackles were broken with the pure determination of the teams to win so some improvisation was used with skipping ropes.

    Winning Team: TIE!


    Round 6

    Water bucket relay - with a twist....After spinning 10 times around a pole, participants had to gain their bearings enough to (try) and run in a straight line with a tray of water to fill their bucket.

    Winning team: TIE!

    Little Frank refuelling


    Round 7

    DRINK! Luckily the park that was nominated for our action packed afternoon was a stone's throw from Netil360, a rooftop bar. Amazing views to end a very eventful day!

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