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Lauren Merritt
by Lauren Merritt
Office Manager
  • If you’re a regular reader of our blog then you may well have seen the interviews we’ve been conducting with each team within Totally. We recently noticed there’s three very important people missing from this list - none other than our directors (we have three). So we thought it was only fair to get the low-down from them in a micro-series of blogs, so without further ado here’s what our CEO Andy Margolis had to say..


    Hey Andy, can you tell our readers your role within the company and your day-to-day jobs.

    I am CEO which means the buck stops with me!

    I get to deal with all the good bits of new business development and company expansion as well as some of the not-so-good bits of client and finance issues as well as employment problems. Every single day offers different challenges, but there is rarely a dull moment.

    How did you get to this point in your career?

    Before starting Totally, I worked as a freelancer within the GSM mobile telephone sector. Prior to that I spent time in the financial sector, based in New York. 

    Some people tell me I had to start my own company as I was unemployable, I prefer to think of myself more of an entrepreneur!

    Where do you see the company heading in the next five years?

    We are in a good place. Steady growth, a great set of long-term clients, good quality work, and a fantastic team. I see this continuing over the coming years with hopefully small acquisitions to support our growth. 

    If you could sum the Totally culture up in three words what would they be?

    Empowering, supportive, creative

    Are there any specific projects you're looking forward to / are especially proud of?

    Every project and every client is important to us, however there is no doubt that working within the charity sector, delivering efficiencies, collaboration mechanics and fundraising tools is extremely satisfying.

    Stay tuned to hear a little bit from our CTO, Ben, next week!

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