The Biggest Social Media Myths - DEBUNKED.

  • Today is Social Media Day, and to celebrate the momentous occasion we thought we'd share a few of the most common misconceptions about social media marketing.

    "My target demographic doesn’t use social media"

    Your business could specialise in anything from chocolate to insurance and there is absolutely no way you’d convince me that social media would not be beneficial… and here’s why:

    • 91% of retail brands use 2 or more social media channels (so if your customer can’t find you online then they’re bound to start looking around for your competitor)

    • People aged 55-64 are more than twice as likely to engage with branded content than those 28 or younger

    • All top social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc have hundreds of millions if not billions of users worldwide

    • Studies have recently found that around 71% of women and 62% of men are active on social media.

    So the likelihood of at least some of your target demographic being on a networking platform is very high.

    "For your business to be a success it must be on every social networking platform"

    Not every SM platform is necessarily right for your business, for example if you’re in the wedding industry then Pinterest may be perfect for you to share products and ideas whereas you may find Google+ a lot less beneficial. Just be sure to research and ask for help from someone a little more in-the-know about which of these sites would most benefit your brand.

     "Keep it strictly professional"

    I bet you’re sitting there thinking, huh? Is this girl serious? Well yes I am and don’t get me wrong professionalism should be a priority in business, however social media is one of -if not the only- resource where it is deemed both useful and enlightening to show the customer the voice behind your brand, so stop hiding and let your business’ personality shine through.

    "Social Media is only for creating new customers"

    Granted, this to some extent may ring true, social media is great for acquiring new customers, however this isn’t the sole purpose for social networking. Each business will have different goals and your social strategy will often reflect that but do  try and keep an open mind that SM is a great way to interact and share information with current clients, influencers, and other brands as well as just bringing in new clientele.

     "Social media gives people a venue to publicly bad mouth my company."

    Again, this point is not completely incorrect, but most business owners strive to better their brand and to do this you need to receive feedback from those customers, be it positive or negative feedback, Facebook or Twitter are the perfect way to keep it short, sweet and as friendly as possible. - Just make sure you stay polite!

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