Optimise Your WordPress (SEO) Site for Search

Optimise Your WordPress (SEO) Site for Search
  • Having tip top ‘on-page SEO’ is now more essential than ever before… the days of tricking Google with hidden content, boiler plate copy and keyword stuffed rubbish are long gone. (You’ll get stuck in an algorithmic penalty and not even know it).

    Now that over 20% of all indexed websites are built on WordPress (around 75 million). We thought it time we let you in on our WordPress SEO secrets.

    WordPress is powerful and user friendly; however, out of the box - It is really just a blogging platform that has been adapted to do other things. And all this customisation comes at a price - usually in form of a slow site, something that’s inundated by spam or a structure that makes absolutely no logical sense to anyone.

    5 Essential WordPress plugins for SEO

    Yoast – One of the most powerful out of the box WordPress plugins. Enables customisation to meta information page analysis and keeps you on topic when writing… along with much much more.

    W3 total Cache – Takes a bit of configuring. But your page speed and users will be happy for it.

    Redirection – Will always come in handy for when you inevitably break something and don’t want anyone to know about it.

    Akismet – The most used plugin on WordPress - for a reason!

    Wordfence – With all the recent hacking scandals affecting WordPress and other companies, this free plugin takes some of the worry away. Super simple to set up.

    GREAT CONTENTThat’s what we should be talking about right?

    Yes. So stop spending so much time trying to customise your WordPress site and let the millions of others who have already had the same problem do the work.

    If you have a WordPress site that you feel could be performing better in search, get in touch today for a chat. A website is never perfect and there is always something to be doing better!

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