Introducing... Sara our new office manager

  • We’d like to introduce Sara Bellon who is our new office manager at Totally Communications. She joined us in September and as she has a very public-facing role we thought we’d ask her a couple of questions so you guys could get to know her a bit better.

    Hey Sara, welcome to Totally! How have your first two months been with us? You can be honest, we don’t mind…

    (Laughs) Haha, they’ve actually been really great - I feel really comfortable with all the members of staff. The job is interesting and challenging because my background is quite different. Although it keeps me on on my toes - as I said everyone in the office is very nice, so I am really enjoying it.

    ...good answer! That’s what we like to hear and we’re obviously pleased that you’ve settled in. So you mentioned that you’ve some from a slightly different role to the one that you’re doing now; tell us a bit about the background and how that fits into what you do now…

    So I was assistant director of an art gallery and I guess it was different because I was mainly used to managing myself. But it was very busy so I had loads to like looking after things like calendar management and events - and I think that’s the part that fits with the position I have now. The reason why why I decided to apply to the job advertised was because it seemed a very creative environment. The guys obviously work very hard and at the end of the day you have a product which you prepare - the process is a bit like the process of creating a piece of art.

    Well we must admit we’re certainly a creative bunch (*humblebrag*). Could you tell us a bit more about about your art?

    So I create a lot of abstract art. It’s always very difficult for an artist to speak about their art - but I love colours, and I love textures and I concentrate mainly on creating a language - an artistic language through abstract and organic shapes. I’m working really hard on my art at the moment and I am hoping to get through the Royal Academy Summer exhibition next year. I went through the first stage this year - but I didn’t quite make it through to the end. But I am really trying to make it through this year.

    Wow that’s pretty impressive. Can we see some of your work?


    So other than your artwork, what other things do you like to do in your spare time?

    I like walking a lot - in parks, by the canal. I like going out with friends; I am often proposing things to do. I enjoy going out and meeting people.

    Organising and planning! Sounds like you’ll do just fine here. So this is kind of a sneaky question, but how is the organisation of the Christmas party coming along? Obviously without spoiling it too much for everyone, what sort of thing can we look forward to?

    So I have been in touch with a couple of venues for the dates we have chosen and I am just really waiting for them to get back to me with a final confirmation. I will probably involve drinks, food and maybe some dancing.

    You’re really not going to reveal any details are you? Drat! OK, well we’ve got a couple of quick-fire questions which we’d like you to answer as instantly as you can.

    What’s your favourite...


    Pizza - any particular toppings? No, really - any good Italian toppings!




    Joy Division

    Motto / Quote:

    'Dreams don't come true until you get up and work to make them real'

    Thanks Sara for taking time out your busy schedule - we’re delighted to have you join the team at Totally and are really looking forward to continue working with you!

    If you’re like Sara and are keen to work in a friendly, creative team which has wicked Christmas nights out, pizza Fridays every other week, a fridge stocked with drinks and choccies - and you’re not averse to hard work - then we invite you to look at the roles we have available at the company at the moment (*cough* UX designers take note). You can view our vacancies here.  

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