Inspiration from our design team

Inspiration from our design team
  • Working at a digital agency means you're surrounded by a variety of talented people every day and as we’re looking for an experienced UX designer to join our team, we thought we’d share a little bit about where our current designers find inspiration on the job:

    Designers are considered to have some of the most creative minds around, but even they have to find their inspiration from somewhere, and here’s the top sites they use to get those creative juices flowing:

    It’s Nice That 






    Each of our designers mentioned a couple of artists who really stand out among competition and why they find their work so memorable:

    Creative Mints - This artist’s work process and execution is amazing and truly inspiring.

    Another of our designers has always been a fan of Peter Saville, who created some iconic artwork for Factory Records and bands like New Order and Joy Division. He explained  that ‘the sleeve always fits the music and the use of Typography is perfect.’

    Overcoming creative block: 

    Working hard on a number of projects while staring at a screen all day can result in the best of us being left with a creative block, so our designers have shared their top tips to overcome this:

    The block only gets worse for me when I keep trying to force it, so my honest answer would have to be; take a break, make a cup of tea, listen to some music, or even  look at some GIFs and when you’re ready, revisit the design.

    I tend to find that getting an outside perspective can really help. Sometimes when you stare at the same design for a whole day you can lose sight of your objective. When I get a bit stuck I will often just show it to the other designers around me. A fresh pair of eyes often comes up with fresh ideas.

    If you’re looking to further your career in web design then visit our job opportunities page today.

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