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  • Brighton to me – being a Northerner – has always felt like the South’s version of Blackpool, which is probably why I’ve never had any desire to visit. However I will now no longer think of hotels that look like retirement homes and cheap seaside gimmicks, I shall think of SEO!

    Having only recently joined Totally, I had not been put on the guest list to attend the conference, fortunately; however, a colleague had forgotten he was organising his Wedding in Greece that week. So I took his place for a trip down to the seaside.

    We got a chance to see 14 talks in all: below I will summarise the 4 best that we saw on the day:

    Crawl Optimisation for Maximum Impact @dawnieando

    This talk was fantastic, Dawn ran well over time. But we didn’t care - we wanted more!

    My 3 takeaways

    • Flatten your sites architecture – you don’t want Googlebot giving up on level 487 of your site when you have a great piece of content on the 488th level
    • Canonical your way to success – cannibalising your site with duplicate content can cause major upsets in the SERP’s, so go and spend a day (or 3) learning how to properly implement this tag
    • Herd the Googlebot - regularly update and submit (multiple) sitemaps


    Track your Keywords Position like a Boss @LukaszZelezny

    This was my favourite talk of the day – a fully data driven analysis with results to prove its worth.

    My 3 takeaways

    • Go after the low hanging fruit – optimise for the terms you rank for in the 2-10 positions
    • Gather keywords from your competitors – use Searchmetrics & SEM Rush
    • Mobile matters – get responsive designs implemented on your sites

    Lukasz is an SEO Jesus – take a look at his slides here - 3 bullet points doesn’t do that talk justice


    Google as a Predator @seoeditors

    Despite not agreeing with 100% of this talk – mainly the fact that Google is an evil entity out to steal your business, I think it had some great points. 

    My 3 takeaways

    • Think like Google – reimagine something and do it better (like Pinterest did for image search)
    • Google has taken what you have given – update your content and give it more!
    • Schema – categorise everything and you will be ahead of most of your competitors already


    How to Deliver Cheap not Nasty SEO @mattfieldingSEO

    Despite this talk being delivered by my old SEO manager I would say it was one of the best of the day.

    My 3 takeaways

    • Build a knowledge centre – someone at your business (or your clients) has a mountain of knowledge in their heads, get in on the site
    • Image link building – make a flickr account with your own images and slap on a creative commons licence saying that people must link back to your site to use it
    • Schema – it’s in almost 40% of queries, but only 0.3% of domains contains any Schema markup, don’t get left behind 

    In summary: Brighton SEO is a fantastic conference - nearly as nice as the beautiful landscapes - full of creative ideas and new insights, if you didn’t get a chance to go, and you feel you like you want more information about the talks, take a look at this handy post from heartrobot.org.uk with 20 slide decks from the day.

    I’m sure everyone that attended would like to give a big thanks to Kelvin for organising the day. I will definitely be attending again, hopefully with my own name on a lanyard around my neck next time!

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