13 New Milestones for Team Totally

  • Being a digital agency you’d think we’d be used to sticking to plans, deadlines and milestones. But as this project’s deadline loomed, getting it over the line seemed like an increasingly unfeasible task.

    However this time we weren’t getting a website live or launching a marketing campaign. This time our milestones were quite literally delineating distance - miles - 13.1 of them to be exact.

    Queue the volunteers: Totally Communications’ director Ben, and Heather who works in the SEO team, donned their running gear on Sunday to complete the Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon. They joined Totally’s partners, Betway, who had organised a company charity team in order to raise money for the English Federation of Disability Sport.

    The planning and scheduling of training was not as thorough as it could have been; we would say there had been a lot a hard graft in preparation, but frankly, we’d be lying. Lack of training was down to two reasons; injury and general old age. We’ll let you decide who was suffering from what.

    To cut a long story short, both Totally participants managed to haul themselves over the line in respectable times; Ben in 1h 45 and Heather coming in shortly after at the 1h 46 mark.

    We’d got quotes at the end of the race from both competitors, but we’ve had to paraphrase as it’s before the watershed.

    Ben said something along the lines of: “I don’t think you’ll see me doing one of those rather ghastly runs again in the foreseeable future.”

    Heather was heard to say: “My leg does jolly well hurt.”

    Or words to that effect.

    It was however for a thoroughly good cause which they were pleased to support!

    They, along with the Betway team managed to raise over £13,000 in total. Thank you to all those who donated - if you do wish to contribute then you can still do so here. Just make sure you mark your donation with TEAM TOTALLY, so we can thank you!

    And with that we’ll leave you with a few shots of the day!



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